Monday, February 15, 2010

Treadmill Running

So I've traded the warm temps, blue skies and mountain views for -- that's right...a treadmill. Thankfully it's only temporary while I'm traveling back to Oklahoma for the week. I'm not a fan of cold and wind, especially for running, so I'm thankful to have a Precor treadmill in the hotel.

The challenge on a treadmill, at least for me, is to avoid boredom. Even though I have the TV in front of me and a view of the pool to look at it, I find that drudgery can set in quickly. Luckily, I'm the Gadget Girl so I like being able to change known parameters as I go and challenge myself with "just another 0.1 miles" before I adjust the speed, incline, etc.

Today's Run:
2.25 miles
35 minutes
323 calories burned
Avg HR 127 (63%)
Max HR 168 (83%)

So what are your feelings about treadmills? Any special treadmill workouts you can share? Tips or tricks? Post them in the comments.


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