Thursday, February 18, 2010

And Yet Another Treadmill Run

Still trying to make the treadmill more exciting. Looking for treadmill workouts that will hold my interest and help me to increase my endurance.

Here are today's numbers:

Total time: 52:53
Total distance: 3.91 miles
Average speed: 4.44 mph
Total calories burned: 478

  • 0.41 mile warm up
  • Ran 1 mile - average 5 mph
  • Second mile - walked/ran - average 4.17 mph
  • Third mile - kept heart rate between 70 and 80% max by alternating running at 6mph and walking at 3.5mph - average 4.54 mph
  • Walked last 1/2 mile
My goal has been to decrease the percentage of walking in my "runs". Today's run consisted of 24.7% walking as compared to 38% walking in October (the first time I kept track).

I guess I AM improving!!


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