Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Top 8+ Tricks To Use When You Can’t Go Another Step

So you’re out for a longer-than-usual run, or maybe you don’t have the energy you usually do and you just don’t feel like you can finish your run. What can you do?
  • Trick yourself to go “just three more houses” or “ten more trees” or "until six more cars go past you”
  • Slow down but keep running – thanks to @rondavis007
  • Think of how you’ll feel when you’re done with your run – thanks to @texastriathlete
  • Concentrate on the words of the music
  • Choose a mantra to repeat in your head (or out loud) – thanks to @dbigio
  • Think of ANYTHING else – thanks to @phatbob
  • Pump your arms (there really is a neurological reason this works)
  • Think of a new mental cue for the next 100 steps
  • Chest out to get the most volume on inhalation
  • Think of your feet moving the road (like a treadmill without the motor)
  • Increase your turnover rate (less time your feet are in contact with the road)
  • Feel like you’re floating on air
  • Look down on yourself and see yourself running well
What others can you add? I need two more to make it A Top Ten List!


Anonymous said...

I think about ice cream. I know that's ridiculous but I pretend that I am running towards a big ice cream cone! No one should EVER walk toward a giant ice cream cone!

net-e said...

I use reverse psychology. I'm doing the C25K with a podcast with audio cues on when to walk and run. So I tell myself, I bet this run won't last as long as it takes me to get to that park bench up there [or that tree, or whatever].

That way, I'm kind of willing it to keep going, which somehow distracts me from wanting it to be over with!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully I have something like a GU packet on me that I can take. If I take it before it's too late, I can push that "wall" back a bit longer! :)

Brian, the old man said...

Excellent ideas. I use the mantra one and keep telling myself I CAN and WILL do it. I also just like to enjoy my surroundings and watch the birds, the trees, people, animals or the even the sky. If I start looking for the beauty in my travels it makes the time fly by and before I know it I'm done.

Marc said...

Sing Running on Empty by Jackson Browne, over and over... Got me through a marathon.

Anonymous said...

Lengthen your strides.


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