Monday, October 12, 2009

Another great gadget - my new Polar RS200sd

Part of me is ecstatic to see the calories burned on my new HRM - 650 in two hours of tennis and 450 for 3 miles - but I'm a little concerned that something's just not right. I've double checked all the settings for age, weight, etc. The only thing that's significantly different from my old HRM is that the new one "calculated" my VO2max and put me in an "elite" category, which I certainly AM NOT! I think I'm going to have to go have my VO2max measured before I believe it.

So the reason I chose the Polar RS200sd was because I am already familiar with the Polar models (I was using an F6) but I wanted to be able to time laps, or in my case, my walking and running segments. For that, I'm very pleased with this model. By reviewing these numbers from today's run, I can say that of the 39:40 minute run, 24:36 were actually running at an average pace of 11:32/mile and speed of 5.2 mph. This is the first time I've been able to see just how many minutes of my run I'm actually running and how many I'm walking.

While one of my goals is to speed up some, it's more important to me to decrease the overall walking time so that's what I hope to see in the coming weeks - more running, less walking.

C25K - Week 5, Day 1 was to alternate running for five minutes and walking for three minutes. I didn't quite do that, so I'll repeat.

What kind of HRM do you use? Do you know your VO2max?


Anonymous said...

I springed for the Garmin Forerunner model with the HRM (?maybe 305) when I saw it offered through CostCo last year. Although a bit bulky on the wrist, I've been really pleased with it.

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