Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When do you actually qualify as "a runner"?

Is it when you buy "running shoes"? Is it when you run the first mile? Are you a runner only if you run a certain number of miles per week? Maybe it's only if you run in races.

I've been running now for over two years. While I don't consider myself a good runner and I'm certainly not a fast runner, I think I qualify as a runner because I truly enjoy running. I look forward to it. I feel good when I finish running and I feel good about the acccomplishment of becoming a runner.

I haven't run any races yet (though I plan to); I don't run the whole time, although I have run three miles without stopping before; I run slow (about a 12 minute mile so far). And yet, I consider myself a runner and I'm proud of that.


Eric Selvig said...

You're a runner when you enjoy it. My wife still doesn't get it. It doesn't matter how fast or slow you go, you're a runner.

Running Hoosier said...

Are you a boxer if you box once and quit? Are you a golfer if you do the same? How about a driver, if you drive a car once and the quit are you still a driver? No. But, if you continue to do these, no matter how "good" you are, you are.

Same for running, if you go out and run once and decide this gig is not for you, then you are NOT a runner. However, if you run on a consistent basis then you are a runner. No matter how fast or slow, no matter if you have raced or not
(but then would you not also be a racer?).

So, to be a runner in short and sweet terms requires one to run on a consistent basis, no certain miles per week, just run consistently each week.

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